Monday, September 15, 2008



There is no need to hug, kiss or shake hands,
Or say Hello, Hi or Bye, by waiving your hands.
Just say Namaste with both hands fold,
And thus avoid hug shocks or risk catching cold.
Namaste conveys love for minors and majors,
Without discrimination of sex, race, or colors.
Replace Hi/Bye and start greeting with Namaste.
Be happy to revert to this original humble way.

Namaste, the sweetest word when chanted,
Conveys respects and greetings when wanted.
It can be used for both singular & plural forms,
It’s commonly used for all occasions and norms.
Be it a child addressing an elder, or a male or female,
Or vice-versa facing each other or through mail.
Be it any time morning, noon, evening or night.
Greeting with just sweet Namaste, fits right.

Namaste is the salutation for all communications,
Whether they are of business or any personal relations.
Don’t get confused over salutation for madams or sirs,
Use Namaste for friends, parents, brothers or sisters.
It is not simply just a word, it’s a symbol of civilization,
If adopted universally, it will usher unity for each nation.
This humble salutation doesn’t interfere with any religion,
Namaste being insignia of love is thus worth adaptation.

Just join both hands and bring them near your heart,
And say Namaste the simple word so sweet and short.
The posture itself indicates regards from core of the heart,
All ladies, gents, teens or kids can easily follow this art.
[Poem by late Shri Dharmaveer Gulati - Mumbai]

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